About Romia’s Boutique LLC,  

A woman who is unique, sophisticated with a classy style. Bold & fearless… not afraid to step of out the box if the fashion is of excellent quality and makes a statement. Always knowing and striving to have my own business.  Throughout my life’s paths, I have gained a natural authentic appetite for leadership, style and business principles.

We provide customers with a personal relationship to allow us to fully engage the customer request by allowing them to view items to catch their attention…what I like to call “Love at First Sight”!

 We are based out of Washington D.C.  At Romia’s Boutique, you will find nothing basic…only quality, bold, trendy, sophisticated statement pieces.

We carry all types of women accessories, from your hair pin to your toe ring. We will meet your every need for any particular occasion (i.e. work, weddings, proms); or if you are like me just to the grocery store my ritual “ABC” Always Be Cute!

 Question, do you like having exclusives pieces?  Romia’s Boutique will satisfy all your fashion needs by accommodating the various tastes of women. Offering a wide range of unique accessories leaving you with a guaranteed smile. At Romia’s boutique every item is hand pick by me to ensure you will love it.

Thank You for being a part of our community!